• What is the Internet password?

    You are generally given the Internet password at the time of the initial inspection. If this is not the case, ask any co-occupants first.
    If there are no other occupants in the house, or if they do not know the password either, please contact GOETH Beheer.


  • I have no Internet signal

    Check whether the antenna for receiving the signal is on and operational. If this is the case, check whether the modem and router (if installed) are also operational. Reset the modem and router by interrupting the power supply for 5 minutes. Next, turn the modem back on first and then the router. This sequence ensures that a connection is established first, followed by a network.
    If this does not help, check whether the provider is experiencing problems with its network. If you do not know the identity of the provider, or if the provider's network is operating correctly, please contact GOETH Beheer.


  • Internet is not fast enough

    Ask whether your co-occupants are downloading large amounts of data. This can adversely affect network speed. If you have your own Internet contract, you will have to solve any problems with the network and/or connection yourself.
    GOETH Beheer is not responsible for the speed of your Internet connection. This is a contract that the owner has entered into with the provider and GOETH has no information about this contract.


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