• Terminating the tenancy agreement

    Your tenancy agreement contains the terms and conditions with which you must comply if you wish to terminate your tenancy. You can give notice of your intention to terminate the tenancy agreement via this website, by email, by registered letter or in the form of a bailiff’s writ.
    Your notice of termination will be assessed by the office in question and you will be informed about the subsequent procedure. In order to terminate your tenancy agreement, a final inspection will be made in order to assess the condition of the home and compare it to the initial inspection.
    A deposit will be paid back to you or withheld depending on the result of the final inspection.


  • What is the period of notice?

    If you wish to leave your accommodation, you must comply with the period of notice stated in the tenancy agreement.

  • Final inspection

    The final inspection is made in order to assess the condition of the home at the end of the tenancy period. The condition of the home will be compared to its initial condition at the beginning of the tenancy period. This is determined by making an inspection at the beginning as well.
    Before the inspection starts, you must ensure that your name has been removed from the municipal register. The home must be completely clean and there may not be any overdue maintenance. The final month’s rent cannot be paid using the deposit. The deposit is for any damage resulting from non-compliance with the aforementioned terms and conditions.
    According to the law, the matter of the deposit must be settled within a period of 2 months. GOETH Beheer strives to settle the deposit within 1 month, but in most cases 2 weeks are sufficient


  • Deposit

    Your deposit is included in the contract in order to resolve damage and other problems with the home at the end of the tenancy period, if these are to be charged to the tenant.
    The deposit may not be used to pay your rent for the final month.
    Note: your deposit is returned if the home is in satisfactory condition, you have had your name removed from the register in the municipality where you lived and there are no more invoices which still have to be paid.


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