• I am suffering from nuisance caused by my co-occupants/neighbours

    First of all, try to discuss the problems with your co-occupants in a rational way. You both have a responsibility to behave as good tenants. Among other things, this means that you must respect your co-occupants’ right to peace and quiet.
    If the problems persist, ask GOETH Beheer to intervene in trying to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties.


  • My co-occupants do not clean the home properly

    All tenants who share a home with several other co-occupants should draw up a cleaning roster where all shared rooms are cleaned once a week. The work should be divided up fairly so that everybody makes the same contribution.
    The tenants are personally responsible for cleaning a home. If GOETH Beheer discovers that proper cleaning does not take place, the occupants will be requested to clean the home before a specified date. If the home is not cleaned on time, GOETH will arrange for the home to be cleaned and invoice the associated costs.


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