• I have no power

    I have no power
    Check whether the power has failed in part or all areas of the home. If you have no power anywhere in the home, check with your neighbours to see if they also have no power.
    If the neighbours also have no power, there is a fault in the mains electricity grid and your electricity supply company will have to take action.
    If the power has failed in your home only, open the meter cupboard and look for possible causes.
    If a short-circuit has occurred somewhere in the home or if the home has been struck by lightning, the residual current device will trigger and switch off the electricity. Switch the residual current device back on to restore electricity in the home.
    If only part of the home is without electricity, a circuit breaker for an electrical group has probably triggered. In order to supply electricity throughout the home in a safe manner, the mains electricity supply is divided up into groups of circuits. Each group has its own fuse or circuit breaker. Check which circuit breaker has triggered or which fuse has blown.
    In the case of modern fuse boxes, you simply turn the circuit breaker switch back on for the electrical group in question. If you have an old fuse box with ceramic screw-type fuses, you need to replace the fuse that has blown.
    Proceed as follows to replace a blown fuse.
    Turn off the electrical group by moving the switch under the fuse to the OFF position. Unscrew the transparent round cover which holds the fuse in place. Remove the blown fuse and insert a new one, then screw the cover with the new fuse back into the fuse box. Next, turn the electrical group on by moving the switch under the fuse to the ON position.
    If none of this helps, or if the electricity supply repeatedly fails at the fuse box, please contact GOETH Beheer. There may be a problem with the wiring in the home or there may be a short-circuit somewhere.


  • An electrical appliance or lamp does not work

    Check whether there are more appliances and/or lamps that do not work. If so, the fuse for an electrical group has blown due to excessive current demand or because a short-circuit has occurred. Please refer to "I have no power" for more information.

  • Reducing energy consumption

    Switch off the lights when you are not in a room. Do not turn on electrical appliances unnecessarily. In addition, you can turn off the television and other electrical appliances at night. Electrical appliances continue to consume electricity when in standby mode.
    When buying light bulbs, you can choose energy-efficient light bulbs in order to reduce your electricity consumption. Note that not all types of light bulb are compatible with dimmers


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